119 Velcro-Front Compression Bra

ABC’s Velcro Compression Bra is designed to stabilize breast tissue, helping to reduce swelling that may occur after breast-surgery; great for use after mastectomy, breast reduction, breast augmentation, or reconstruction. Our design features a velcro-front closure, adjustable straps, and soft inner pockets that accommodate breast forms.

XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, Q, SQ



Ideal for use after a mastectomy, breast reduction, breast augmentation, or reconstruction. Designed to stabilize the breast tissue, this compression bra helps reduce any swelling that may occur after breast surgery. Velcro-front closure and adjustable straps make this an easy-on, easy-off bra. Inside pockets are designed to hold any type of breast form.


Every woman’s needs are different. American Breast Care offers a wide range of mastectomy bras, camisoles, and post-surgical products/ accessories. Please consult a Certified Mastectomy Fitter at Pink Ribbon Gals.

Certified mastectomy fitters are recognized professionally as having completed rigorous education and training programs that satisfies industry standards.

What does a certified mastectomy fitter do? Pursuant to a physician’s order, a certified mastectomy fitter measures a patient and properly fits, dispenses, and adjusts external breast prostheses, bras, and related supplies. They are integral to the physical and emotional well-being of patients, providing instruction and training on how to properly use and maintain post-mastectomy products. to determine the specific product and fit for you.

Reimbursement: Covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance plans.
Colors & sizes may have select availability. 

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2XL, L, M, Q, S, SQ, XL, XS




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